Government Loneliness StrategyCommunity Lincs welcomes the announcement of the Government’s new strategy to combat the experience of loneliness and isolation – A Connected Society: A Strategy for Tackling Loneliness.

The strategy recognises that loneliness may be one of the greatest public health challenges of our time and sets out plans to meet this challenge. Community Lincs was grateful for the opportunity to submit evidence to the government to support the development of the strategy.

Gail Jackson, Chief Executive of Community Lincs, said, “Through our work we know that social isolation and loneliness has a direct impact on peoples health and well-being. Our work centres on minimising this experience by empowering individuals and communities to work together to develop local services such as Good Neighbour Schemes or Community Cuppas.

“We welcome the government’s new strategy and look forward to continuing to deliver and further develop our work with local partners to support the strategy.”

To find out more about our work visit our Good Neighbours or Community Cuppa pages. For further information on the new government strategy visit

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