With the Government announcing that village halls and community buildings were able to open from July 4th 2020, our national body ACRE has published guidance for Village Hall Management Committees with regards to the safe re-opening of halls to ensure that they are Covid-19 secure.

The guidance documents provide information on the safe re-opening of village halls and community buildings; making sure the hall is kept as clean as possible and that social distancing is still adhered to. By working together, this will hopefully make the future working arrangements as effective as possible with the least amount of disruption to activities.

Included is a checklist for management committees to work through, to help them re-open safely taking into consideration the various elements that will need to be addressed; as well as risk assessment templates for hall committees and hirers to complete.

We appreciate that this new way of working may seem a bit daunting for committees and hirers, but by following the guidance it should make it as seamless as possible.

If you have any queries about opening your hall please contact our Village Hall Advisor Samantha Smith on 01529 301960 or email samantha.smith@lincsymca.co.uk.

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  1. Stella Arden

    We would like to access this information from ACRE (or from yourselves) with regard to the re-opening of Halls, please Samantha. I am struggling to find the appropriate information on your website. I hope that all is well with you at the Sleaford end, and that the way ahead is clearing for you now…

    Best wishes

    Stella Arden

  2. Stella Arden

    Hi Sam
    I have found the tab now, feeling as if a call to you is required!
    Brace yourselves!
    Best wishes

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