Can you support the community buyout of The Thorold Arms?

If so, you will have assisted the villages of Hougham and Marston, amounting to only 210 households, to reinstate their local pub at the heart of the their community.

The money is being raised to buy the pub from a developer through a community share offer.

Mike Allen, Treasurer of The Thorold Arms Community Benefit Society Limited said “with the deadline of Saturday 14th July 2018 only days to go, the community are now over 80% of the way to our minimum target of £210,000. As of Sunday 8th July 2018 the total stands at £172,282 which is fantastic.

“Every share application and donation moves us towards our target no matter how small it is and encourages others to contribute as well. Whilst the share applications have done well the donations haven’t been as successful. We are looking for lots and lots of £1 (or more) donations. If people see the donations growing they are more inclined to chip in with their own.

“This isn’t just about saving a pub, this is about saving the village. We have no bus, no shop and no pub at present. These are all essentials in maintaining the community, preventing social isolation and whilst at present we can’t do anything about the bus we can do something about the pub and shop. The pub will also run a cafe and a number of services designed to help prevent social isolation such as IT clinics and meals on wheels.”

Since the closure of the pub in 2015, the community have worked hard to bring the pub and shop back to life.  The committee at the forefront of the campaign have worked with a number of organisations such as Plunkett Foundation and Pub is the Hub. In 2016 they received Village SOS funding through Community Lincs and ACRE to support them in the search for sources of funding and develop their social media campaign.

Further information about the project and its business plan, the share scheme and how to donate can all be found on the Save the Thorold Arms website.  You can also follow their social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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