Open LV is a groundbreaking project collecting local electricity data from substations on Western Power Distribution’s low voltage (LV) network, and making it openly available for the first time ever. There are around a million electricity substations in the UK, but almost all of them are currently ‘silent’ – local people have no way of knowing what is happening at the substation.

Substation data will be made available through trials of a new open software platform (LV-CAPTM) which is being installed in electricity substations to monitor substation performance and electricity demand. It will mean that information about capacity of local electricity networks, which has not been available until now, could be used to develop software applications (apps). We hope that the apps developed will create benefits for all parties involved, and that they can be replicated for other communities to use in the future.

Could your parish council benefit from local electricity network data? Can you think of an idea for an Open LV app which people in your parish would benefit from? If so, we would love to hear from you and find out whether we could work with you over the next two years to develop your idea.

Download the information sheet and take it to your next Parish Council meeting!

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