The T.E.D. project is looking to recruit volunteers

Would you like to get involved to make a difference to the lives of people aged over 50 in East Lindsey?

We are looking for T.E.D. Friends and T.E.D. Researchers. You can find more information below or follow the link to our website.

T.E.D. Friends

T.E.D. Friends will provide outreach befriending support and signposting to social activities.

T.E.D. Friends will develop a supportive one-to-one relationship giving reassurance, information and practical help for example linking people into local activities and events.

T.E.D. Friends will actively seek out the hardest to reach older people, encouraging them to try new things and develop new friendships. T.E.D. Friends will tackle existing transport and information barriers to inclusion, encouraging and supporting older people to take part in the wide range of activities developed by the T.E.D. Network. The

Coordinators will lead a marketing campaign aimed at those in regular contact with older people, such as hairdressers, pharmacy staff, GPs, the Wellbeing Service, community transport drivers etc. offering a referral process to help them support older people to get involved in the programme.

Through community based, person centred commissioning, owned and driven by older people, we will grow a network of new activity designed, developed and delivered by and for older people.

Our research shows that most existing provision does not target isolation directly; we will make reducing isolation the primary focus of T.E.D Network services and activities.

T.E.D. Community Researchers

T.E.D. Community Researchers will map age friendly businesses and services within their own locality in East Lindsey.

Community Researchers will support businesses and services to become “age friendly”, conducting informal research, developing and promoting Top Tips to create a more welcoming atmosphere for older people accessing these services.

The volunteer Community Researchers will meaningfully and effectively measure the impact of services designed to combat loneliness and / or social isolation, enabling older people to scrutinise and challenge local activities and public services. Information about what works will influence future commissioning decisions, including through the Lincolnshire Health and Care Review, to sustain services provision for the longer term.

The community researchers will also support businesses and services to be age friendly, developing and promoting top tips and conducting research, creating a more welcoming atmosphere for older people, encouraging them to go out more, choosing the most supportive provision for their needs, and supporting the longer term sustainability of the services they value.