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We offer a free exploratory meeting to new clients, to discuss your needs and look at how we can work with you to get the results you want. We provide training for business, communities and individuals throughout Lincolnshire. If you would like further information please call Stuart Duckworth on: 01529 301962 or email

Community Lincs has expertise and training resources in three key areas

Organisation Sustainability

Managing Community Buildings

Project Development, Planning and Evaluation

We offer a modular approach with short, sharp 2 hour sessions which can stand alone or be grouped to create half day or full day events. Whether you are a local charity, a community group or organisation, a social enterprise or small private sector company we have focused our sessions to develop solutions to a range of issues you may be facing.

Organisational Sustainability

The Fight To Stay In Business

Organisational Health Check – How healthy is your organisation, where is it vulnerable, what are the key areas for improvement? An interactive workshop to assess the underlying resilience of your organisation and identification of the areas of risk. A bespoke face to face development session.

Training For Business Planning – Why do we need to do it, what does it consist of, how do we develop it? An interactive workshop to set out the need for and the steps to create a Business Plan for your organisation.

Introduction to Trading – Is trading right for you? What is the best format – Trading Arm, Social Enterprise, CIC, Private Limited Company? What are the legal and tax implications?

Develop Your Income Streams – Our Training for business programme allows you to assess your organisations strengths, skills and resources against a range of market opportunities and plan a development strategy.

Full Cost Recovery – Making sure your bottom line is covered. This is a method of cost allocation which ensures appropriate proportions of overheads are allocated in projects and services ensuring you remain sustainable.

Marketing Your Services – What are the benefits of your service, who are you selling to, how do you build relationships, how do you hold onto customers and at what price do you sell? An interactive workshop to plan how you can promote your services to an identified market.

Social Media Communications – How can you harness new electronic media to communicate your organisations message? Is it technical and expensive? A workshop to dispel some of the fears and identify a simple cost effective social media communications approach to promote your organisation.

Managing Community Facilities

Good Practice, Effective Delivery And Legal Compliance

Working with Trustees and Committee Members we provide training in key areas of responsibility to ensure they
achieve a good understanding of their roles and compliance with legal requirements.

Managing a Community Building, What You Need to Know – helping committees understand their roles and
responsibilities, governance and legal structure. Getting things in place – policies, procedures, compliance. Ensuring it’s clear who is doing what and that all concerned are working together.

Managing a Children’s Play Area – inspection and maintenance, accessibility, management, legislation, standards and risk guidelines.

The Impact of Legislation – identifying and acting on legislation which affects Community Facilities including Health and Safety, Fire, Licensing, Performing Rights and many more!

Grant Funding – Identifying suitable funders, developing your funding ‘package’, good practice in writing applications, knowing your outcomes.

Risk Assessment – How to carry out a risk assessment to buildings and play areas to meet Health and Safety and Fire Safety requirements.

Environmental Technologies – Find out about alternative/renewable heating and hot water solutions to reduce
energy bills and save money. How to carry out energy audits and make greener choices.

Project Development, Planning And Evaluation

For those members of local communities, groups and organisations who are looking to tackle a local issue or challenge.

Proving the Project Need – Engaging with communities; a step by step approach to ensure transparent and inclusive engagement.

Project Planning – Fail to plan, plan to fail; setting goals, roles and responsibilities, schedule action, harness resources, identify constraints, calculate cost and communicate like never before.

Action Planning – Where am I now, where do I want to be and how do I get there?

Managing Outcomes – How have we done? Benchmarking, monitoring and evaluation. How to measure and report success – part of our training for business and communities.

Introduction to Community Led Planning – How to get the community involved, the Nine Step Process, including consultation methods and techniques, and ways to structure your Community Led Plan.