At Community Lincs we recognise the need for better digital skills.

The growth of technology is relentless. In order to make the most of new services, make optimum use of our money and develop the local economy it is essential that individuals and business have access to good quality training. We must ensure that no one is left behind or excluded from the opportunities provided by digital engagement.

We have over three years experience of providing training and support to Lincolnshire’s communities. We have been helping them to get online and engage with services that will improve lives and prosperity. We have access to specialist trainers who can support individuals or assist businesses with their digital strategies and social media activities.

We have an in-house web design team that can offer a range of services to help people develop their own easy to use website. This is particularly suited to community groups and small businesses that need to develop their online presence.

The broadband infrastructure in Lincolnshire continues to improve. Much of the provision of rural broadband is part of the roll out of subsidised services that has been managed by Lincolnshire County Council.

You can find out about broadband in Lincolnshire at the Onlincolnshire website. It is packed with resources and you can get information about the services available in your area together with the latest news on the development of the new services. There’s information about digital skills training and a forum to help you find the answers to the more difficult questions.

For more details of these services or just to ask a question contact John Slater our Digital Projects Manager. Email