Cut Yourself Free

We can arrange an account so that whenever you are busy or away from your home/office we take your calls. You simply activate a divert on your phone. We will then forward those calls to you in whichever manner you specify – text/email/voicemail, etc.

Our staff will take your calls as if they were based in your office. They will create a professional first impression and will be fully briefed to your requirements. They are all trained to a high standard in caring for you and your customers. We are not an impersonal call centre and our team will find the time to understand your business and help it flourish.

Effective call handling will provide you with much more than a basic answering service. It’s like having a professional reception service for your customers and by providing a personal touch it will help stimulate sales. You don’t need to employ extra staff and you won’t have to worry about the uncertainty of an answering machine.

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