We provide a specialist advice and information service to help committees meet the challenges of managing a successful community facility such as Village Halls, Community Centres, Memorial Halls, Churches and Church Halls.

Advice from our service covers all aspects of managing a building including offering advice on Governance, Building management and maintenance,  relevant legislation, project development etc

Lincolnshire YMCA has access to a range of information sheets and model documents covering many issues that affect community building and play committees.  They are available free by email to all Community Facility Advice subscribers.

For further information on subscription please contact our Community Facilities Adviser.  To support this activity we also have a Community Buildings Website to help promote over 400 community buildings in Lincolnshire, which is a ‘one-stop-shop’ with in-depth information about the community facilities available to hire in Lincolnshire, such as booking information, facilities available, a link to your own website and much more.

Please contact Kirk Thomson, Community Facilities Advisor, on 01529 301962 or email kirk.thomson@lincsymca.co.uk for further information.