SlumgothicSlumgothic is a not for profit organisation that runs X-church, formerly the Church of St. John the Divine, in Gainsborough’s South West Ward. Since its inception in 2006 it has supported young people by providing them with a space for pursuing art and music in an inclusive and broad-minded environment. In 2007 it established the Slumgothic Teenage Art Project, which has grown to over 200 members and is led by the ‘Stapitans’ – the teenagers themselves – and who are also represented at Slumgothic Board meetings.

The help that Slumgothic wanted

The x-church main building is a very big space and provides a great facility for many art and music initiatives. Attached to it is a school room which offers a smaller, cosier and in winter a warmer space; but it needed refurbishment. The aim was to bring it up to a standard to be used by additional groups from the community, particularly older people, and to provide a warm, busy counterpoint to the majestic austerity of the main building.

The support given

From August 2013 to June 2014 the Community Assets Fund (CAF) has provided Slumgothic with £40,000 as a mixture of grant and loan funding to refurbish the schoolroom.

Andrew Croft, Chair of the Community Assets Fund Investment Advisory Panel, said:

 Slumgothic is a fantastic example of turning a disused asset into something that benefits the community. The project has engaged and inspired hundreds of young people and has given them the ability to shape the development of x-church. The Community Assets Fund is looking to support community groups to establish and grow innovative projects like this that are focused on providing real, lasting value to their local communities.

Further steps taken

The money from the Community Asset Fund has helped Slumgothic to subsequently secure funding from the People’s Health Trust to go on and develop a community cafe in the schoolroom, which will provide a much needed social space in this area of Gainsborough and will include dedicated support for local people with mental health problems. Slumgothic has additionally secured funding from the IGas Community Fund to develop a mobile workshop in the main church, which will continue to enhance the use of this space.

Commenting on working with the Community Asset Fund (CAF) Marcus Hammond, Director of Slumgothic Ltd said:

Funding is a minefield and it is not always easy to know where to gamble time and effort. The key thing with the CAF for us was that after the expression of interest the actual process started with a conversation not with a form. We very swiftly established that this fund was rooted in reality and therefore worthy of pursuit! The grant/loan mix is not a give-away but it is realistic and exactly what we have needed for some time. This work will make the world of difference to the scope of what we deliver.

Fund details

There are four ‘strands’ which groups can apply to – Community Halls, Community Owned Enterprises, Social Enterprises and Sports Venues, together with a strategic priority for MOD sites.

The CAF fund holds regular surgeries and events for those who are looking to develop projects.

To register your interest in the fund, please call the helpline hosted by the Plunkett Foundation on 01993 810730.




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