A Community Review is a light touch consultation process for smaller communities, which identifies the issues of concern, and prioritises the actions that local people would like to take.  If you are a small parish, a lengthy consultation process is often impractical; this is why Community Lincs is offering this light touch approach tailored to support smaller parishes and communities.

A Community Review offers:

  • A bespoke community consultation
  • Fully facilitated by a Community Lincs team
  • Including activities to identify and prioritise local needs and issues
  • Capturing and recording all views
  • Identifying actions to be taken
  • Provision of an action plan report that has demonstrable endorsement from the local community

If a community wants to be an effective and successful campaigner or wishes to see projects undertaken in the community, they will need to be able to show how they have engaged fully with everyone and understood their needs and priorities.

How Does It Work?

Community Lincs will provide:

  • Publicity material for distribution
  • A team of skilled staff to facilitate the event
  • All tools and materials
  • A balanced record of views from the event
  • The provision of an Action Plan
  • Presentation of the Action Plan to the community

The Community will provide:

  • Distribution of publicity materials
  • Venue for the evening
  • Refreshments to keep everyone going
  • Volunteer helpers

Case Studies

If you would like further information please contact Janet Clark on 01529 301962 or email janet.clark@communitylincs.com