Background of project:

Scotter undertook a Community Led Plan in 2005 as a way of developing collective working in the parish and ensuring they could evidence the need for their “wants and desires”. Sue Mumby chair of the group was keen to ensure that in promoting involvement of the community in devising the plan, personal agendas were left on the shelf in striving to gather the views of local people. “Do not answer questions on others behalf, get out there and ask” said Sue.

Community Lincs were instrumental in the development of the steering group, offering all the right advice and resources to make sure the group knew which direction to go in. “The helping/guiding hand has always been much appreciated and the impartial stance that CL has, means they come in with no agenda and are there purely to support the community achieve its goals”.

The success rate and implementation of the actions identified in the Scotter plan really shows that the process of consulting and identifying the communities’ needs and wants does work if you are patient and committed to the process.  The process has not happened over night and has taken a good 7 years to achieve the points identified.

Scotter have moved on and in 2011carried out a refresh of the original plan. Whereas first time around the focus was on facilities and improvements the refresh has concentrated on people who make the changes happen. “Ensuring that people have the right skills in place to run community buildings and groups is important for future sustainability” said Sue.


“Far better community facilities created in turn leading to much better numbers and uptake of activities within the community.  People’s attitudes have changed significantly, before the attitude was that we have tried and failed so why bother again.  Now people have seen what can be achieved by collective action and are much more open to trying again and looking at the different ways to make things happen”.

The main achievements have been:

DDA Improvements Chapel Schoolroom – Disabled toilets and kitchen facilities

School Improvements – Provided disabled access to the hall and disabled toilet facilities.

Scotter Village Hall – New Kitchen

Creation of Village/Parish sports development plan

Scotter Junior Football Club – 2 new pitches

Northmoor Park – New Pavilion

Scotter Tennis Club – 3 new courts

Bowls Club – New fencing and concrete car park

MUGA funding secured and work commenced in June 2012

Voluntary Car Scheme in place.

Scotter are also the proud recipients’ of the Community led Planning Kitemark