Background of project:

East Keal is a small parish situated in the district area of East Lindsey on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB with a population of approx. 368 (2001 census) and a higher than average percentage of retired people. The village is still served by a post office/village store but shares its village hall with the neighbouring parish of West Keal.

Early in 2007 the decision was taken to complete a Community Led Plan following unanimous support from the public meeting of residents which was held in May. A number of residents who attended the meeting volunteered to set up the Steering Group that worked together on the Plan. The steering group expanded to 14 members representing the Parish Council, local groups operating in the village, people from different areas of the village and the different age profiles of the residents. The main objective was to produce a Plan for the benefit of the residents but also to assist the Parish Council in achieving Quality Status.

Community Lincs assisted the group access grant funding of £2,438.00 from the Rural Sustainable Communities Programme and supported the steering group with support and advice throughout the plan’s development. The group devised a wide ranging consultation programme including a young people’s event and questionnaire development evening. The household survey was hand delivered and collected by the steering group and volunteers producing a fantastic 82 % response rate.

The compiling of a Community Led Plan has enabled us to determine the needs and

wishes of the residents of East Keal. With a consensus on many subjects it

enables us to have a collective voice on issues that may arise now or in the

future” East Keal Parish Council

Following the adoption of the plan by the Parish Council in the summer of 2008 Parish Action Groups consisting of two parish councillors and three to four community volunteers were formed. Each group worked with the Parish Council to act upon all the many points raised within the time scales of the action plan. These groups were:

Environmental Sub Group

Community Sub Group

Services Sub Group

The groups took on the responsibility of:

Liaising with the Parish Council, Community and Local Authority agencies

Regularly checking progress on tasks

Sourcing funds for identified community projects


East Keal should be congratulated on the successes that have been achieved from their action plan.

This includes:

Speed limit reduction from 60mph to 50 mph at both ends of the village.

Increased communications with parishioners by the addition of two new notice boards and a quarterly newsletter delivered to every home in the village with the exception of those who have elected to receive it by email attachment.

Succeeded in getting a youth councillor on to the Parish Council

Purchased a village sign depicting scenes from East Keal, erected on the green beside the village shop in the spring of 2011.

Established a walk in the village which is suitable for people with disabilities.

Created a team of volunteers to maintain the war memorial (each team member selects a month when they will keep the war memorial tidy)

Developed a car sharing scheme where people who volunteered to be drivers give details of their regular journeys and those who registered as passengers are issued with the details of who to contact for lifts.

Set in place one additional green waste collection where volunteers go round the village with a tractor, trailer and pick-up truck and empty all the green bins left out. This has proved to be a very popular service.

Developing three energy projects related to home energy generation, home energy efficiency and the green village project which aims to reduce carbon miles and footprint.

“Little or none of our success would have happened

 without our Community Plan and that might not

 have happened without funding and support

 from Community Lincs”


Pat Colley East Keal Steering Group and Parish Councillor.