A Community Led Plan determines the future of your community and how it can change for the better. It is a document that sets out a vision for the future and outlines how that can be achieved in an Action Plan.  Despite its name a community led plan is not designed to deal with land use matters in detail.

Community Led Plans can be produced by ANY SIZE of community or neighbourhood including those in urban areas.  A plan can take an average of between 12 and 18 months to complete.

Community Lincs can provide you with consultation and engagement support, to find out more about our consultancy packages contact Janet Clark on  01529 301962 or email janet.clark@community lincs.com.

Benefits To The Community

  • People have the chance to get involved in activities and debate about where they live or work
  • Identifies ways that community facilities can be improved
  • New services can be  provided and opportunities for new projects sourced
  • Funding may be easier to access as a Community Led Plan provides sound evidence of need
  • Highlights issues of concern and identifies what people like about where they live

Benefits To The Parish Council

  • A Community Led Plan provides a strong mandate for the Parish Council in representing the community
  • It can be adopted as their Action Plan knowing that the plan is firmly based on the views of the community
  • Local authorities and other agencies have information and the reassurance that the community has been thoroughly consulted

Community Led Planning Kitemark

Community Lincs received funding from ACRE ( the national umbrella body of Rural Community Councils) to develop the  CLP Kitemark.

The Kitemark quality standard has been derived from the best practices of the most successful examples of Community Led Plans across the county. The main objectives to be assessed in the awarding of the Kitemark are:

  • The governance of the steering group
  • Inclusion: at least 40% of the community must be involved in the planning process
  • Ongoing communication with service delivery organisations
  • Demonstration of Community Lincs involvement and use of best practice tools
  • Quality of the action plan (range of issues covered, SMART actions, community ownership etc.)

The following communities have received the kitemark award

  • Binbrook
  • Cherry Willingham
  • East and West Barkwith
  • East Keal
  • Osgodby
  • Scotter
  • Surfleet

An example of the assessment criteria can be viewed by clicking Community Led Planning Kitemark Assessment

If you are undertaking a CLP at the moment or have completed in the last couple of years and would like to be considered for the Kitemark Standard then please email: communityledplanning@communitylincs.com