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The Lincolnshire Funding Portal is an online hub of grants and funding information. It has a user friendly website that allows you to quickly and easily filter through hundreds of grant schemes and find funding suitable for your project or organisation.

You can….

  • Search through hundreds of different sources of local and national grants and funding opportunities
  • View the most up to date details about grant schemes and learn about new developments
  • Find grant schemes of interest to you and save them in your favourites to access again later
  • Download the latest guidance notes and application forms or get up to date contact details for funders

The Community version of the Funding Portal is for:

  • Charities
  • Social Enterprises
  • Community groups
  • Parish & Town Councils
  • Religious & Faith organisations
  • Community Interest Companies

Funding for Community Projects in West Lindsey

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The Schemes

Community Lincs is now administering two new grant schemes on behalf of West Lindsey District Council.

A small grant scheme offering grants of between £50 and £500 covering everyday project costs but also costs associated with training, feasibility studies, and the development and support of volunteers.

A large grant scheme  supporting  capital projects such as community facilities, sport recreational and heritage projects and projects that will improve tourism or the environment.  You can apply for between £500 and £8000.

Detailed Guidance Notes along with key dates for submitting applications are available for both schemes through the district council website:

We would recommend reading the guidance notes carefully for more information before applying.

Contact details for our team managing the Large and Small Grant Schemes are:


Tel: 01529 301951 / 01529 301962

Top Ten Tips

  • Check that you are eligible for the funding programme you’re planning to apply to.
  • Thoroughly read the application pack and guidance notes.
  • Use the support offered by the grants team if you are unsure about the application form and how to answer the questions
  • Enclose all required supporting documents with your application, and make sure they all have the group’s name on them and they are up to date.
  • If we require quotes then please send them and not links to websites.
  • Prove that there is a concrete need/demand for the project. State clearly what you need the funding for, what you want to do and how you will spend the money.
  • Make sure your figures add up
  • Get someone to read the application before you submit it.
  • Keep a copy of the application form so that you can refer to it if needed.
  • Allow plenty of time from submitting your application to when you propose to start your project/work. At least two months for the small community grants programme. The large programme has only two rounds a year

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