Nettleham Cricket Club Refurbishment of Outdoor Cricket Nets

Funding Year 2015 -16
Grant Awarded £ 5336.00

Nettleham Cricket Club’s main aim is to provide cricket for any individual who wishes to play and learn to play the game. Coaching is a key activity at the Club and currently they have more than 90 Children (boys and girls – 9 to16 years of age) playing and learning in one of their six junior teams. Committee member, David Wheatley said “Parents and helpers are critical to make this a success and we are delighted to have so many of them on board. The first team have just won promotion to the top ECB County League which is a very good achievement for a Village based Club.”

The club runs 2 adult teams on a Saturday and 2 further teams on Sunday together with a mid-week league team all of which provides varying degrees of competitive cricket and importantly an opportunity for the juniors to taste the adult game in a safe and secure environment.

In total there are some 160 plus people playing or volunteering at the Club. The grant funding was used to refurbish the two carpets used for both practice nets and
bring them up to the standard laid down by the EWCB (National Governing Body for the game) in question.

Project Benefits

The project has enabled the club to have both nets in use at the same time, literally doubling the usage. With the large number of juniors learning and playing the game at Nettleham the improved facility has been extremely well received by all members of the Club. It is hoped that this improvement will attract more people to come along ,try the facilities and join the Club.

Number of Volunteers Involved

Nettleham Cricket Club has 40 volunteers, 3 of which were directly involved in managing this project contributing some 30 hours of volunteer time. Main duties consisted of planning the project, meeting contractors, applying for the grant, liaising with Community Lincs and generally acting as Client Managers throughout the scheme. The Club benefited from the professional skills of the volunteers who commented that they enjoyed the whole process.

Councillor Angela White congratulating the club on their grant award.

Experience of Accessing the Grant

“In general the whole process was very good. The friendly and indeed very helpful advice and guidance by Community Lincs was excellent. Thank you to them and indeed WLDC for making this all possible”

Service Rating

The grant process and support offered from the Community Lincs team are rated as very good.

Contact details for our team managing the Large and Small Grant Schemes are:


Tel: 01529 301951 / 01529 301962

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