We had a fantastic selection of practical workshops available in 2015.  You can see the details below. These were optional sessions that you could choose to include in your day.

Emma-KinnaPractical tools to work out how to deal with people who are different from you.

You know how to treat people the way you like to be treated, but successful communication is treating them the way that they like to be treated. This workshop will help you solve this communication puzzle.

• A practical development programme that builds on what you know about yourself
• Focuses on how you like to deal with others
– Builds on your strengths and how to make the most of them
– Identifies your potential weaknesses and how to minimise/manage them
– Gives you options to increase your behavioural flexibility and how to manage people you find difficult

Emma Kinna is an experienced manager, coach, facilitator and educationalist. Among the myriad of certificates Emma as attained through her passion for learning, she holds Chartered Manager status and is a full Member of the Chartered Management Institute, she also has a Certificate in Coaching and is a trained Realise2 and ACE profiler.

Emma has been a manager and leader in the education sector for almost 10 years, having risen up the ranks quickly through her determination to do well. Emma came to Lincoln in September 2015 to manage the University’s Lincolnshire Leadership and Management Centre and is committed to providing opportunities for local businesses to access excellent quality and relevant management and leadership support to help grow their businesses and overcome challenges.

Jackie-BoothIn this workshop Jackie will be helping delegates focus on what self-confidence means to them; is it self-worth, self-esteem or self-love. The session will include directed interactive group exercises where everyone can talk to each other and find out what it means to be confident as well as explore how it feels. There will be a powerful exercise which will help delegates understand their own inner-critic and how that personally undermines their own self-confidence. In the final section of the workshop, should they choose to, there will be the opportunity for people to share what they are learning about themselves and others.

Jackie Booth CPCC: Leadership & Confidence Coach

I am a confident, friendly and outgoing individual, with an honest, hardworking and conscientious work ethic. I have a degree in Supportive and Palliative Care along with extensive experience working in the field of palliative and end of life care. Over the years, I have developed proficiency at managing, supporting and developing skills and performance within individuals and teams.

I am a freelance Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and trainer currently working in the East Midlands and North London areas. I specialise in Leadership and Confidence coaching, working with individuals and businesses on a one to one basis or delivering team building group exercises. My approach is to focus on the whole person in a calm and individual way to create a safe space at a pace and level that suits the clients and teams I am working with. I also utilise the Co-Active Coaching method which places equal emphasis on enabling the client to deepen their understanding of themselves and to make positive changes in their lives.

I have one grown-up daughter and I currently live in Lincoln but split my time with London and love both cities.

Contact information

Mobile: 07985 114452
E-mail: Home: jackiembooth@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackieboothcoach
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/pub/jackie-booth/75/503/516/

Rachel-BarrettCloud computing has many benefits for the modern day business woman including increasing the options to work flexibly to suit busy lifestyles.

This workshop run by Rachel Barrett, Associate Director at Duncan & Toplis, will explore ways in which running a business can be made more efficient by taking advantage of the technology available.

The session will look at ways in which businesses may be able to keep their costs down by adopting cloud based solutions. It will also look at Xero, which is a cloud based accounting solution ideal for small businesses. Xero has everything needed to run a business in one place e.g. invoicing, paying bills, VAT returns, budgeting, reporting and automatic importing and categorising of bank, credit card and Paypal transactions. Users can log in wherever and whenever they choose and also work collaboratively with their accountant to quickly resolve issues.

Rachel Barrett is a Chartered Certified Accountant who has worked in accountancy for 25 years. She is based at the Lincoln office of Duncan & Toplis, a leading firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers with offices across the East Midlands. She looks after a large portfolio of clients which is predominantly made up of family owned businesses operating in a wide variety of industries and professions. She is passionate about helping her clients to better understand their financial position and improve their cash flow.

Contact details:

Email: Rachel.barrett@duntop.co.uk
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/rachel-barrett/60/544/54b
Phone: 01522 507000
Website: www.duntop.co.uk
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/duncan-&-toplis_2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/duncantoplis
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Duncan-Toplis-Chartered-Accountants-and-Business-Advisers/253516374784273

Sanjaya Pandit 1This interactive workshop from Sanjaya Pandit is about sharing best practice, coming up with evidence based tools and strategies to sustain yourself through the changes, opportunities, your business growth whilst still keeping the balance with family and friends and the things that are equally important to you. As most enterprising women, we all know the different plates we keep spinning and how we do it.  We live in the age of multitasking and we are brilliant at it as a gender, so what I want to get across is a few principles of sustaining yourself whole, every part, mind, body and spirit through this fun and insightful workshop I want to make sure you are aware and recognise balance and imbalance, your strengths and challenges. There will be some paired learning exercises and as well a whole group discussions and an invitation to your own accountability and promise you make through the session

Sanjaya Pandit is an award winning health and wellbeing specialist with extensive knowledge in workshops using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis and over 10 years experience in changing attitudes and behaviours with a wide range of men and women.  She is also a Coaches Training Institute accredited coach CPCC with interests in life, executive and leadership coaching. She works on pro-active projects with our future generations within schools and privately with aspirations of opening life skills schools across the country as well as creating innovative ways of health and wellbeing programmes within organistations

Email:         sanjaya@in-u.co.uk

Website :   www.in-u.co.uk

Twitter:      @sanjaya_InU

LinkedIn:   sanjayapandit

ValerieDwyer-wRare Opportunity – Special One-Off Workshop Created for Lincolnshire Women’s Enterprise Day.

What is Success? What does it mean and look like? Why is Success important to you? So what’s blocking you from getting the Abundance and Success in your Life and Business that you REALLY want? Not sure? Then come and find out. In just 45 minutes your outlook will positively change!

Successful Clients including www.Msmoneymaker.com www.vibrantgourmet.com  www.julieannehart.com rave about my Magic Formula.

Whatever stage you are at, this Magic Formula applies to every entrepreneur. Whether dreaming of your business or taken the first baby steps, been doing it for a while OR are already getting Success but want SO much more…  At all these stages ‘Everything is Possible™’: New Inspiration and Confidence; Work/Life balance; More Higher Paying Clients; Earn While You Sleep from Joint Ventures;  and whatever else you desire but are blocked with. Come to this session and I will Show You How.  Because YOU are Worth It…

Short explanation of what workshop will include.

Come with an Open Mind and discover the detail of the Female Entrepreneur’s Magic Formula for Abundance and Success in the Life and Business that You REALLY Want and How to Work It for You.

Interactive session showing how to get unstuck, unblocked, overcome obstacles or simply push further forward with your current success on a higher level. Learn How to work the holistic Magic Formula in your life AND your business, now and any time in the future.

Opportunity to step up and state your Business Challenge/Block/Unfulfilled Business Ambition and gain some forward movement in a friendly and supportive group.

Handouts to help you when you take this discovery and learning away from the Conference.

Opportunity to buy the book detailing the Core Element of the Magic Formula and to connect with the Author.

kate-hindmarchThis informative workshop will be delivered by Kate Hindmarch. Kate is Head of the Employment unit and Partner at Langleys Solicitors. She also sits part time as an employment tribunal judge. Come along and listen to her invaluable advice on:-

  • How to find the right person for the job.
  • Initial housekeeping issues.
  • Contract of employment.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Statutory rights.
  • Discrimination/ victimisation/ harassment.
  • Unfair dismissal.

Kate has broad experience of all areas of employment law having run her own specialist law firm prior to joining Langleys. She is an experienced tribunal advocate and regularly presents seminars on employment issues. Kate also specialises in Academy conversions.

Kate is a former Chair of Women in Newark and is a Committee member of the Working Group for Business Women’s Link (Lincolnshire & Rutland). In 2009 Kate was appointed a Fee Paid Employment Tribunal Judge and sits in the Birmingham region.

Recognition by the Latest Legal Directories:

Legal 500, 2013

New client wins for Kate Hindmarch’s team at Langleys Solicitors LLP include The Danwood Group and Elektron Technology. In 2012, the firm was successful in a £1.3m unfair dismissal case. Hindmarch ‘demonstrates sensitivity and tact’.

Susan Ritchie 2Are you your industry’s best kept secret? Being good at what you do is great – but it’s not good enough. In order to be successful in business, you need to be noticed. This means becoming more visible – which doesn’t always feel easy does it?

In this workshop, Sue Ritchie shares some tips for being more visible – how to share your skills, talents and successes in a way that feels comfortable. If you feel that putting your head above the parapet makes you feel like you’re blowing your own trumpet, showing off or bragging, then you need to attend this interactive session!

Jackie-EltonFind out how to use Social Media to let people know about your business and build an engaged and loyal fan base.

Social Media is still relatively young with new sites starting all the time and more established sites updating the functionality of their platforms.  Many businesses do not understand how to use Social Media efficiently and effectively to build their business.  Some businesses see Social Media as an affordable way to broadcast their message to prospective clients, however there are many more benefits than just that.

Social Media is an affordable marketing tool especially for new start ups.  In this workshop I will give a short summary of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube who uses each site and which sites are best for certain types of business.

A brief introduction to the benefits of Social Media to your business and how it is important to engage and interact with other users.

A brief summary of some of the biggest sites and who uses them, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

How to choose which site is best for your business.

Jackie Elton started out using Social Media in 2011 and she can still remember how confusing Twitter was when she started, almost a different language with #, @mentions, RT and strange shortened links, however she quickly saw the potential of Social Media and spent as much time as possible reading articles and learning how to use Social Media efficiently and effectively.

Jackie started her first business to enable her to work flexibly around her 2 children and can’t imagine not having the freedom and flexibility that being self employed gives her.  She loves helping other women to spread their business message and network on Social Media.  She hopes to inspire other women to do what they love and enable them to market their businesses to their ideal clients.

When not running her business Jackie can be found singing in her local community choir, salsa dancing or out and about having fun with her 2 children in Lincolnshire.


Twitter @SocialMediaLinc

Facebook – Social Media Lincs

LinkedIn Jackie Elton

Pinterest – Social Media Linc

Periscope – Social Media Linc

In today’s frenetic, “always-on” society, there have never been so many ways to communicate or get your daily news fix.

Irrespective of your favourite format, the multi-channel environment means we are constantly bombarded with stories about what is happening locally and in the wider world, in real time.

Journalists and the PR machine have had to adapt to meet today’s increasingly voracious appetite for news, in its many forms.

Glynis-FoxBut some things haven’t changed and protecting your reputation is one of them.

Workshop speaker Glynis Fox of FoxStar Media (www.foxstarmedia.co.uk) will be reflecting on today’s news-gathering scene, from the twin perspectives of the journalist and the public relations professional.

A journalist with 25 years experience, PR practitioner and connector, she will be offering insights into the news world and talking about the value of taking professional PR advice.

Glynis has worked in the public private and voluntary sectors.

Beth-TyrellWhether your business is still the seed of an idea, a fully fledged enterprise or somewhere in between; to be successful you need a plan.  The idea of writing a business plan can be scary, confusing, overwhelming and tedious and seem utterly pointless so much so that many people either don’t know where to start or get bogged down in detailed planning.

For start ups this workshop will provide a great opportunity to refine your ideas and get things moving, for more established businesses it will help to set priorities and direction.  We will also look at how to use the plan, develop your business and achieve your goals.  This practical workshop will demystify business planning and help you to channel your ideas and create a business plan that delivers results.

Beth Tyrrel is a business consultant who has run her own practice in Lincolnshire (Tyrrel Consulting Ltd) for the past 6 years; prior to starting her own business she worked in senior leadership roles including for Carlsberg for 8 years. Beth works with businesses and charities specialising in; bid writing, developing teams, business planning and improving processes.

Beth has a degree in business studies and is a member of the Institute of Consulting (MIBC).  Beth is a non-executive director of Lapwings (Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust) and West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service.

Beth Tyrrel
Twitter: @bethtyrrel