The second Lincolnshire Women’s Enterprise Day held on the 17th November 2016 was a huge success, thanks to all those who generously contributed their time and expertise. The feedback from the attendees is being analysed with some very useful feedback; both in regard to what worked well and where we could improve. The Report from the day will be on this page soon, but until then have a look at some of the photographs from this amazing day.

Lincolnshire Women's Enterprise Day

Which parts of the event were most useful to you?

It was clear that the workshops and inspirational speakers were very much appreciated and helped to provide a real feeling of value about the event. In addition the general positive buzz of the day, which started in the opening session, lasted the whole day and helped attendees to make new contacts and learn from each other.

The first ever Women’s Lincolnshire enterprise day was great, it was wonderful to meet lots of like minded business women who have successful or start up businesses and are working hard to be successful. I really enjoyed myself and thought the day and workshops were a resounding success.

The event was seen as useful because it provided a good opportunity to network and learn from other women in business and overall satisfaction ratings with the event were excellent.

For the first ever event we are very proud of how attendees felt about the event:

However, we recognise that there are a few areas where we could have improved the experience, most notably in the positioning of the Living Library, the temperature of some of the rooms and the amount of content that we packed in – there was too much! We promise to tweak the balance next year and ensure more time for networking and lunch.

In terms of future support requirements, there are clearly some learning and development needs and a healthy interest in mentoring, networking and training on topics as diverse as twitter, writing press releases and book keeping. There was also a real interest in being able to socialise with other female entrepreneurs, linked to the feeling of isolation that working for yourself in a remote rural county can bring about.

Following on from the event we asked what three things will you do now? Some of the responses included:

Work on my work/life balance

Improve networks and personal profile

Set up a YouTube channel

Set up a blog

Be more confident

Google the speakers

Review my business

Get some coaching

Get back in touch with the people I met

Whatever their circumstances, every woman seemed to have developed a plan of action and was feeling more inspired to grow their business and help themselves. Given that our aims for the day were to help all the women attending to learn something new, meet someone or feel more inspired and positive about their future, I would say that we achieved our goals. It seems that the Global Entrepreneurs Week Team would agree as they have just awarded us a High Impact Host award!

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