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Community Lincs provides website design and a range of affordable digital services for individuals, small businesses, social enterprises and community groups. All of our web design services use the popular WordPress content management system so once you are up and running you can login and edit your content and add additional material.

If you are looking for website for the first time we can offer a range of complementary services including domain registration, web hosting and email addresses. We will show you how to manage your site and develop your content. We are happy to provide advice on what we think will work for you and will keep things jargon free and easy to understand.

Website Design

It all starts with a consultation. We will ask you a few questions about your ambitions and aspirations for your website design. We will explain responsibilities and clearly set out what we can do to help you. Equally we will ensure that you are aware of your obligations, in particular the need to provide content and meet agreed deadlines. We will give you a checklist of options for your site and explain what each of these does. After our discussion we will quickly get back to you with a proposal for your new site.

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Our Services

The Domain Name

The domain name is the www part of your website. It is often called the URL which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. You can buy a domain name very cheaply and we will be happy to show you how to do that. There are various suffixes available such as .com,, and .org. There are others and we can advise on the most suitable for your circumstances. You will also need to choose a name which will normally reflect your business or group name.

Website Design

We will work with you to agree the design and layout of the site. We will show you options as part of this process and agree colour schemes and navigation systems. When we have made progress on your design we will let you see your site as it develops. We will work on a live server and give you a link with a password to access the site. By doing it this way we can ensure that there are no surprises at the end of the project.


If you want an online shop as part of your website design we can help with that too. This would normally entail adding e-commerce software to your site. This is quite intuitive but does require management to add products, prices, stock levels etc. This is an ongoing process that would require regular attention after the site is launched. On the other hand if you only have one or two products we can simply add a paypal button.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a specialist subject. It’s about optimising your website design so that it is easily found by Google. Some elements of SEO are straightforward and we will add software to your site that helps the SEO process. SEO will form part of our early discussions so that we can use the most effective page titles and paragraph names. New content is an important element of SEO and we could help by adding a blog to your site.


When your site is up and running and you’re happy with the way it is working you will want to know how many visitors you’re getting. You might want to know where they are coming from, their age demographics, which content they are viewing, the technology they use and other useful information. This can be done by using Google Analytics and we will add the appropriate tracking code to your site.


Your site will need to be hosted on a server. When people click or type your domain name in a browser they are then taken to that server where your site is displayed. You can buy your own server space or we can provide space as part of our design services. For the first year hosting is included in our web design prices. After that we charge £125 per annum. We provide more than enough server space and bandwidth for a reasonably sized site.


We will be undertaking the website design but the client will need to provide the text. Images are also the responsibility of the client and if you have them your own pictures will be the best to use. However we can provide stock photos if required. The cost of stock photography varies enormously and we can show you collections at different ends of the price spectrum. We can also point you in the direction of free collections.


Our sites are built in WordPress and the day to day management can normally be undertaken by the client. However major software updates and adding new functionality should only be undertaken by a competent person. We will provide some initial training and will give you a link to an online WordPress manual that is regularly updated. If required we’d be happy to discuss a realistically priced maintenance plan based on your requirements.

Email and Social Media

We will integrate your site with social media so that people can easily share your content. We can also add links to your own social media accounts. Email addresses based on your domain name can also be provided. You should be aware that this will count towards your server space and that for large accounts it may be best to use a dedicated email server. You could also consider a free service such as Zoho or Gmail.


When you buy your hosting you should make sure that your host offers site backups. Our hosting does and we’d be happy to recommend a host to you. However it is always advisable to make backups of your own. We can add software to your site to help with that. It can also help to restore a site from a backup. This is all included in our price. You would simply have to give authorisation for the site to link to remote storage such as Dropbox.


At Community Lincs we take security seriously. All of our websites now come with security software to help keep you and your site safe. This helps to prevent malicious attacks and keeps out spam.