Community Lincs (CL) has been set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee since 5 May 1995 and was registered as a charity on 19 May 1995.  Prior to this CL had operated as an unincorporated association. The decision to change the legal status was made: (a) to safeguard Trustees/Board Members as funding regimes moved away from grants towards contractual funding linked to Service Level Agreements; and (b) because CL purchased its own property and therefore needed to have a separate legal personality.

Prior to 1995, CL had a Management Committee of nearly 40 members consisting of almost every organisation in the county.

When the Company was set up, it was decided that the Community Lincs Board (which replaced the Management Committee) needed to be considerably smaller in size, and the Company membership should be restricted to organisations with similar objectives to CL’s. Originally a board of 24 members was established, but in 2002 this was reduced to a more manageable number of 15.  This was reviewed again in 2015, retaining the board number of 15 but split between 10 individual and 5 organisational members, comprising:

  • 10 individual Directors elected at AGMs under the rotation rules
  • 1 Director nominated by Lincolnshire County Council
  • 1 Director nominated by the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils
  • 1 Director to represent the Voluntary Sector
  • 1 Director nominated by Churches Together in Lincolnshire
  • 1 Director nominated by the Lincolnshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services.

Appointment of new Directors is either via representation – the organisations listed above have the opportunity to nominate onto the Board – or by election at the AGM. Community Lincs Board members offer their services on a voluntary basis. Where an organisation cannot or does not wish to nominate within 3 months of being notified of the vacancy, the Board may, if it sees fit, nominate an Individual to fill the vacancy.

Meet The Board

Lorraine Bellis

John Rose

John Henwood

Hon. Treasurer

Mark Sturgess

David Dickinson

Edward Mossop


Nigel Curry

Sally Melbourne

Rik Greig

Liz Showell

Cllr Barry Young