Rural Broadband – the debate

At Community Lincs we are heavily involved in making communities aware of the benefits of superfast broadband and the impending provision of new services across Lincolnshire. We are also able to provide support to communities that are at risk of missing out on these services. The Government hopes to see superfast broadband accessible by 90% of homes by 2015. For the final 10% getting good quality broadband may require communities to find their own solutions.

The U.K. Carnegie Trust and the Plunkett Foundation have now produced a report that calls for a new approach to improving the supply of superfast broadband in rural areas.  The report argues that rural communities themselves will need to play a central role in bridging the gap between the broadband deployment plans of government and the market and the current lack of provision – but highlights that these rural communities will need to be better supported. If anyone needs more information about the support we can provide please contact Ian Ransom, our Community Broadband Officer on  01529 301969  or email . You can download a copy of the report at the Carnegie Trust website.

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