• Photographic Competition 1st Quarter Winner
  • Community Buildings for Emergency Shelters
  • Community Asset Fund - Gainsborough Furniture and Resource Centre
  • £700,000 loan fund to help rural community buildings in East Midlands
  • Children's Artwork Competition 2014
  • Adult Learners' Week 2014 - Give It A Go!
  • Our Oil Buying Scheme Continues To Secure Competitive Prices
  • The John Barker Trophy’ - Recognising Community Building Volunteers

Photographic Competition 1st Quarter Winner

11. Ian Burman - Snail on a JourneyThe winner of the 1st quarter of our Photographic Competition has been announced as Ian Burman.  Ian’s winning photograph was a Snail on a Journey, pictured here.

The response to this first quarter has been very impressive and the standard of entries was excellent, making it a tough decision for the judges.

You can view all entries at flickr

Why not enter our next round? More details available from the competition page

Lincolnshire Wolds Festival of Archaeology 12th to 27th July

The first Lincolnshire Wolds Festival of Archaeology to celebrate the rich and diverse archaeological heritage of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty takes place in July 2014. The Festival is bought to you by Down Your Wold. A community heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, supported by the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service and hosted by Heritage Lincolnshire. For more information please visit their website.

You can also download a flyer.

Community Halls – Keep your Charity Commission Records Up to Date!

file0001326995371Currently there are 39 Village and Community Halls in Lincolnshire who are in default of sending their annual returns to the Charity Commission for the period between June 2012 and March 2013.

The Commission says of halls in default “that it amounts to mismanagement and/or misconduct in the administration of a charity and is often associated with wider mismanagement and poor governance, including the misapplication or abuse of charitable funds.” Continue Reading →

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Community Buildings for Emergency Shelters

emergency-plannin_592Community Centres, village halls and similar premises are used by the emergency services for the shelter of evacuees during an emergency. Lincolnshire County Council Emergency Planning kept a list of the ‘key holders’ for over 400 premises across the county. This helps them arrange access to local premises in response to a sudden emergency.

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The Support Needs of older people in Torksey, West Lindsey

Research Update – June 2014

 During 2013, Community Lincs was commissioned by West Lindsey District Council to find out what the current and future support needs were likely to be for older people living in Torksey, West Lindsey; and how these needs could be met.

Torksey was selected for this research because of the very high proportion of older people living in the parish.  The 2011 Census showed that 58.4% of Torksey residents lived in pensioner households, a proportion more than twice as high as that for West Lindsey District (24.8%), Lincolnshire (25.2%) and England (20.7%). In addition, the census indicated that 55.2% of the population were aged 65+ compared with 16.3% for England as a whole and, in 2013, 75% of the entire Torksey population were living at The Elms Park Home Retirement Park. In the wider context, future trends also show Lincolnshire’s population growing at a faster rate than the national average with particular growth in the numbers of older people. By 2030, it is predicted there will be a 50% increase in numbers of people aged 65+ in Lincolnshire. Continue Reading →

Community Asset Fund – Slumgothic Teenage Art Project


Slumgothic is a not for profit organisation that runs X-church, formerly the Church of St. John the Divine, in Gainsborough’s South West Ward. Since its inception in 2006 it has supported young people by providing them with a space for pursuing art and music in an inclusive and broad-minded environment. In 2007 it established the Slumgothic Teenage Art Project, which has grown to over 200 members and is led by the ‘Stapitans’ – the teenagers themselves – and who are also represented at Slumgothic Board meetings. Continue Reading →

RDPE LEADER Consultation

Lincolnshire County Council, North and South Kesteven District Councils are running a consultation event to raise awareness of RDPE LEADER, discuss the potential funding that may be available in the area and identify priorities for the new Kestevens Local Action Group that will be covering south west Lincolnshire. 

There is potential grant support for:

- Micro and Small Businesses
- Farm Diversification
- Farm and Forestry Productivity
- Rural Tourism
- Provision of Rural Services
- Cultural and Heritage Activity Continue Reading →