Community Lincs has been awarded £24,926 to complete a pilot project across six communities in Lincolnshire

Many of Lincolnshire’s communities are very active and have a range of community based services and groups available; but often these are hidden assets with few people knowing they even exist. This means that there is a perception that there is nothing available to local communities and residents, this leads to the assumption that new services need to be developed, but with a lack of funds to do so, nothing happens.

Community Lincs believe that if you take the time to look closely, you find a huge range of voluntary and community based services and groups with a great deal of local good will.  Through our experiences we have identified and promoted a number of local groups.  We have found that when asked, local people are happy to volunteer and get involved.

We have also identified that the effective ways to engage and consult with communities are interactive, informal and social approaches.

With this in mind, we have created a project with the Lincolnshire Co-op that will focus on the following benefits:

We will support local individuals by:

  • increasing their engagement with local activities;
  • providing volunteer opportunities; and
  • giving an increased feeling of wellbeing.

The benefits to local groups and services will be:

  • increased members and service users;
  • recruitment opportunities for volunteers; and
  • improved sustainability of their activity and services.

The Pilot Communities

With Lincolnshire Co-op we have identified six areas (each with a Lincolnshire Co-op shop) to work in and pilot the approach.  These include a range of different communities from small, large, sparse and urban.

Our chosen communities are as follows:

  1. Boston
  2. Gosberton
  3. Saxilby
  4. Scotter
  5. Sleaford
  6. Swanpool/Hartsholme area Lincoln

What will happen during this project?

Asset Mapping

We will undertake comprehensive asset mapping process within each community to identify existing community venues, activities, groups and other key services such as transport provision.


We will talk to people over the age of 50 within each community to identify what they enjoy, what they would like to see more of and what they could offer themselves in terms of time and skills.

Action plans

We will develop local asset maps and action plans for each community.  This will then enable them to further develop local solutions and activities.

Get together

We will hold café sessions in each community with the opportunity for people to meet, enjoy refreshments, develop new friendships and find out about local groups and services.

Get in touch

For more information about this project, contact Samantha Smith on 01529 301960 or email