Defra Launches Rural Statement

The Government has recently launched its long awaited Rural Statement.

The Rural Statement gives people in rural areas an expectation of the changes they should see both at work and in their communities, as the Government delivers its vision for rural England.

It formalises the Government’s drive for rural businesses to overcome barriers to growth and make a sustainable contribution to economic recovery, setting out the initiatives that are already making progress towards this ambition, and those that will open up rural business opportunities in the near future.  The Rural Statement names superfast broadband delivery, rural business grants and Rural Growth Networks among initiatives to create rural jobs, new business opportunities and rural economic growth.

The Rural Statement reaffirms the Government’s commitment to tackling red tape and freeing rural businesses and farms from the unnecessary Government control that has got in the way of rural economic growth in the past.

The Statement is based around three key priorities:

Economic Growth – rural businesses should make a sustainable contribution to national growth;
Rural Engagement –  engagement should take place directly with rural communities so that they can see that Government is on their side; and
Quality of Life – Rural people should have fair access to public services and to be actively engaged in shaping the places in which they live;

You can get a copy of the statement from the Defra website

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