Confident People and Connected Communities

The EU referendum, austerity budgets and the associated reassessment of whose responsibility it is to deliver different services and support has led to uncertain times for the voluntary sector, including Community Lincs. Our own annual grant from the County Council was pulled this year as a direct result of this turbulence and we have found it increasingly difficult to win funds from the Lottery and other trusts and foundations. This has added extra weight to our regular review of current delivery and plans for the future.

As a local charity we have reflected the needs of Lincolnshire’s communities for nearly 90 years. Our aim has always been to help local people to help themselves through advice, training, practical support and connection with the powers that be. This approach is very effective at creating confident people and connected communities and has led to all sorts of locally provided volunteer based services such as Good Neighbours’ Schemes, Community run swimming pools and hundreds of effectively run Community Buildings.

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Is it really Brexit or bust??

I have been mulling over what to write about for quite a while now and looking back at my previous blog posts it’s clear that it’s usually something that is relevant to me personally. This being the case I cannot get away from the thing that I have been trying to avoid for fear of saying the wrong thing – the EU referendum.

Everywhere you look you see the great and good extolling the virtues of the EU followed by others saying it’s the worst thing since the Third Reich; and in between all there appears to be is a lot of mud-slinging and spurious ‘facts’. How on earth is any sensible person supposed to come to an informed decision on something of such monumental importance? The outcome of this referendum will have reverberations that go on for generations and the best that our politicians can do is call each other liars and belittle the integrity and intelligence of the population.

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Plenty to Celebrate in our Beautiful County

street partyArrangements for formal celebrations of the Queen’s 90th birthday are well underway at the moment, we have already had the lighting of the beacons around the county and in a few weeks’ time there will be thousands of people getting together for street parties. In my village the Parish Council has organised a BBQ at a local farm and if it is anything like the one we had to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee it will be a real knees up welcoming everyone from tiny tots to elders of the village.

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Their Future in Your Hands

Like many of you, I have a family and live in a rural area. My children have grown up here but are teenagers now and need different things from when they were younger. In the past I was able to provide all of the things they needed – love, food, Lego blocks a swing set, it was relatively easy and I didn’t really need the help of anyone else. But this has changed as they have got older, Continue Reading

Raising the stakes whilst keeping your cool

WarriorMonk13This morning in between meeting with my Board to discuss governance issues and setting up meetings to create new opportunities I have been flicking around Twitter, reading articles and following leads to interesting ideas and people. Today is International Women’s Day and the great thing about Twitter is that I can connect with people at the touch of a button. Continue Reading