Let me introduce you to my family – the ACRE Network

If you’re reading my blog you are probably familiar with Community Lincs and some of the work we do and you are also probably interested in things that have an impact on rural communities. What you might not be aware of is the fact that Community Lincs is part of a national network of charities that supports rural communities all over England. Our network is one of the few that still receives funding from a Government department – in our case Defra; and we like to think this is because they really value us and the work that we do for thousands of people living in rural locations.

There are 38 of us at a county level all supported by our national body ACRE and we provide a wide range of support, advice and direct help to 52,000 voluntary and community groups delivering important everyday services. Between us we have 800 staff and 340 committed trustees and our combined turnover is £33.4 million. That’s enough to do an awful lot of good in rural England. The ACRE annual review for 2015/16 highlights some of our work and achievements and provides a really good insight into the wide ranging expertise we have at our fingertips.

Like any family we have older relatives (over 90 years old) and younger ones (only 9 years old) too. We are geographically diverse and have different names, but we are part of the same network and fundamentally we are trying to achieve the same kind of outcomes – better quality of life for people living in rural communities, improved access to services, support for self-sufficiency and addressing market failure.

In Lincolnshire you will know the network through Community Lincs, maybe you have received support or advice that has helped you to plan for the future through a neighbourhood plan, maybe you are part of a village hall committee that has benefited from some technical expertise, or perhaps you are a group who has won some funding from the grant fund that we manage. Whatever your connection point with us you can rest assured that our team not only has a lot of local skill and support at their fingertips, they also have access to the expertise of our whole network. This means that you will always get the best possible support for your group and hopefully that will mean the best possible outcome for your community.

If you haven’t used our services before maybe now is the time to get in touch, have a chat and find out what we do. You never know, it could be the most helpful conversation that you have all year!

Community Lincs – providing help to Lincolnshire communities on:

  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Consultation and engagement
  • Reducing loneliness and isolation
  • Developing community enterprises
  • Running local services
  • Community buildings and play areas
  • Funding for groups
  • Developing Good Neighbours Schemes
  • Reducing the cost of your utility bills
  • Providing insurance for community buildings and parish councils
  • Commissioning new services for older people
  • Helping women back into work or self-employment
  • Recognising and rewarding volunteering

I bet you didn’t realise that we did some of those things, so maybe now is the time for that telephone call on, 01529 302466.

Hope to speak to you soon!


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