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Hi folks, well enough prevaricating its time to get on that blogging horse, or more appropriately in my case that blogging boat as I am a bit of sailor at heart (must be the glittering seas and peace and quiet!).

Everything I post on this blog will be my own take on things that happen to me, the charity that I run – Community Lincs and the people that we work hard to help i.e. those living in the lovely villages and towns across Lincolnshire.  I believe in a society that supports people to look after themselves and eachother and that doesn’t bog them down in rules and regulations – so I’m not a huge fan of the EU!

I also believe in the principle that together we are stronger and as such I advocate partnership working and people power.

I may also add random comments on my dog, guniea pigs and boat.



    • Hi Rose I’m not sure why as that email is correct. perhaps you can ring me instead – 01529 302466 thanks Fiona

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