Better Broadband Campaign

New superfast broadband services are coming to Lincolnshire and there is still time to get involved and make your voice heard.

The plans for superfast broadband are part of a national initiative to improve broadband standards right across the UK. It is anticipated that 90% of the population will receive speeds of 24Mb/s by 2015. The remaining 10% are guaranteed a minimum speed of 2 Mb/s. For most parts of Lincolnshire this will represent a significant increase in their broadband speed and their ability to access data driven services.

Until the early part of 2013 it is unlikely that the plans for the broadband roll out will reveal exactly where the new services will be delivered. Before then work will be ongoing to assess the feasibility of delivering the technology and the likely demand. It is therefore important that individuals, communities and businesses register their interest in superfast broadband. You can do that at the Onlincolnshire website.


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